Our Advisors

Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit Aggarwal is a CEO of well known firm called Asian Adventures. He started Asian Adventures, a concept to bring school children closer to nature. In due course of time, the concept became wider and better in scope and reached and established camps and lodges in some of the most pristine and lesser-touched locations of the country.

He and his team helps our NGO in every which way and help us sell our products digitally too. His encoraging ideas have been great help to us.

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Amod Poddar

Mr. Amod Poddar is founder of Stand N Stride. He was born and brought up in Patna. After complting B.Sc(Physics) in 1990 He did Aircraft Engineering from Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Patna, Bihar in 1994.Presently he is an Aircraft Engineer in a Private airlines in New Delhi. Since childhood he involved in many social activities and is associated with many social organizations. After getting inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and Dr. APJ Kalam he decided to serve the society by educating underprivileged children and established StandN Stride with his wife and co-founder Mrs. A K Vijayalaxmi in 2016.

His idea of selling our handicrafts under his e-commerce platform has been a heartwarming help to all our artisans.

Our Volunteers

Manoj Lamba

He is from Bhiwani, where he was born and brought up in a middle income household. After class X , he started going to the District Court with his uncle along with pursuing his studies further.
He has an ancestral house in Bhiwani, drives Ritz , works from 10 am to 5 pm in the court, loves to travel, keep pet dogs and help the needy and volunteer with Boond se Sagar. Manoj Lamba is a very grounded and responsible young man and wishes to start a travel business

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Anil Kumar

Born in Jahangir-pur, father died when he was merely four. His mother raised him by working as a daily wager. Inspite of utter deprivation Anil Kumar cleared class X. He became a laborer to help his old, ailing mother. During off time he started learning driving.
Some one from his village was a driver with Delhi Transport Corporation. Anil kumar kept appealing for a job till he got one after about a year.
He was driving during the day and was doing guard’s duty during the night. However during the lockdown he lost his driving job.
At present he is a part time driver and a guard. He thinks, if his mother was alive she would have joined Boond se Sagar so he has become a volunteer with it


She is the chief designer of the digital platforms of Boond Se Sagar. Purile, energetic, winsome Shivani has the knack of forming life long relationships. She is the young approach to this beautiful idea that was started some time back. She is core designer of the digital work of boond se sagar and helps the women in learning new things about the business in web. Her believe in women empowerment has attracted her to this project.

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Mahima Bobin

Mahima has been associated with Vatavaran Rhizome since her Saint Stephens days in Delhi University. All through her Bachelors and then post graduation from JNU she has been a sincere volunteer. She is an art enthusiast and believes strongly in women empowerment. Her young ideas give shape to this organization in every which way. She solely conducted the exhibition on waste management and sustainable development. Her fluency in hindi and English makes it easier to communicate and makes her the best of orator in Boond Se Sagar .