Regular pageants are organized to bring about life style changes amongst the artisans, their families and the people in general. The displays cover both negative impact of the wrongs being done to mother earth and the positive actions needed to correct that. Exhibitions range from eliminating single use plastics, segregation of waste, home composting, and judicious use of water along with a large scale public showing of objects and products that can help them lead a greener life.

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Digital Education

To make the artisans of Boond Se Sagar understand the importance of digital media in show casing their creations and getting fair prize, digital education is given by those volunteers who are good at both computers and teaching.

Digital education classes attract hoards of artisans. Artisans understand that digital reach would help them get a large spectrum of buyers some thing they always wanted. These are the most fun exercises since artisans are very enthusiastic to learn how they can operate computers and mobiles for their business.


To generate team spirit and bonding there are regular workshops. Some are to learn from experts, others to sit together and discuss. Workshops are also held for artisans to help one- another in their work. The bonding thus created make each one happy with the success of the other. In the early stages the workshops have all the artisans, volunteers and experts. As time goes by artisans of different units start having their own workshops. To inculcate the spirit of experimentation and out of the box thinking workshops are conducted with experts from dis-similar disciplines. Inter disciplinary approach helps in generating new ideas, weaves,designs with new raw materials creating products.

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Cultural practices and taboos around menstruation negatively impact the lives of women and girls. They reinforce gender inequities and exclusion. Studies have established a direct link between poor menstrual hygiene and urinary or reproductive tract infections and other illnesses.

Campaigns are undertaken to

1. Make women aware of these realities .

2. Shift from the use of sanitary napkins to menstrual cups.

3. Selection of the menstrual cups and sizes.

4. Benefits of menstrual cups over all other methods of managing menstruation.

5. Bursting myths around menstrual cups ,etc.

We are going to follow a new scheme i.e, barter scheme which is :

Plastic do, akhbaar do - product lo.