Who are we ?

We are a group of women artisans from remote villages of Haryana. Though uneducated but with a determination to become enterpreneurs. Some women create products from the rag some from dori. Some women work to earn, some do it as a passion.

What is the vision of our NGO ?

Eliminating poverty via creativity.

What is the mission of our NGO ?

To strengthen village economy, empower women, build life long relationships, create awareness on issues like COVID-19 and vaccination, menstrual cups, segregation of waste, elimination of single use plastics, host events, and convert as many women as possible into empowered citizens.

What are the core values of our NGO ?

1. To earn from their hobby of converting rag to rug.

2. To become better human beings.

3. To make their village known because of the work they do.

4. To create a replicable model for development.

5. To innovate products that are earth friendly, bio-degradable and income generating.